Music for midnight



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    Music for midnight

    Bài gửi by vinhphuc0104 on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:41 am

    This night seems so long
    I still stay here
    Listen to music
    Listen to my heart
    Thinking of you
    I don't know what is this feeling
    I don't even know why... is this feeling?
    Sad. But why?
    Lost. But why?

    I saw sparkling
    In your eyes
    I feel your love
    In your voice
    You are a big girl
    You're strong

    You seem not so sad
    But why do i?
    Why do i blamed on myself?
    Why do i sit in this danm dark night
    Listen all these danm break-heart songs?
    I don't know
    My mind is full now
    Full of the blanks

    Always hope to see you smile
    No matter what happen
    Just wanna see you to be happy...

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